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Another day at the office

In some ways, things haven’t changed despite the lockdown, even with converting the bar & bottleshop into an off-licence that does local home deliveries. Wednesdays remain as ever my main delivery day: fresh stock continues to arrive, photos need be … Continue reading

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This is the new normal…for now

One month into the lockdown and like many people I’m running out of things I thought I would never use. On the flip side, I’m managing to sell things I assumed would end up in the bargain bin. Looking at … Continue reading

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Pubs closed until Christmas: separating the facts from the headlines

News travels fast these days, but once again misinformation has quickly muddled the message and panic is the rule of the day. Right in the middle of typing up yesterday’s blog post a message popped up on my phone from … Continue reading

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From ‘Last Christmas’ to last orders…and now the last to leave the lockdown: a Covid-19 diary

One morning, very early in January 2020, maybe only a couple of days into the New Year, I remember hearing a brief item on the radio about a virus outbreak in China. I sighed to myself ‘oh, here we go … Continue reading

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A year on and still evolving

A few weeks ago we celebrated our first anniversary at the premises, an occasion which saw us unveil several changes to our way of doing business. Instead of pouring beer direct from the taps, we now have beer engines. Instead … Continue reading

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Getting down to the nitty-gritty: banking & other money matters

There will come a point while setting up your micropub when all it feels like you’re doing is writing cheques while watching your bank balance plummet. Speaking of bank balances, I suggest early on that you set up a business bank account to help … Continue reading

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Getting down to the nitty-gritty: insurance

There’s a pub near to us which suffered a theft last summer. Someone entered through the kitchen (the doors were wide open to let in fresh air on a hot day). They then walked upstairs unnoticed into the office (someone … Continue reading

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