What’s a micropub?

A micropub…what’s that?

A micropub is a small, simple alehouse specialising in beer made by microbreweries.

‘Micro’ also can refer to the size of the pub itself.  As they are often located in converted shops, the smallest micropubs are the size of your living room.

Despite their small size, micropubs are big on choice. Because it’s often a one-man operation, a micropub is the ultimate freehouse. Free of tie means free to choose, with a typical micropub capable of selling hundreds of different beers over the course of a year.

There might not be the space to provide hot meals, overnight accommodation, a billiards table or big screen TV but really, will you miss that blaring jukebox or non-stop sport on the telly? Not if you agree that it only takes good beer and good conversation to make a great pub.

Interested in learning more? There are some links you can bookmark here for further reading, while you’ll find our list of recommended micropubs here. We opened a micropub in the North West and you can follow behind-the-scenes developments by reading our blog. To best get a feel for the micropub way of doing business we suggest starting with our earliest blog posts, Essential elements of a micropub and What makes a micropub unique.

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